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Tombacco Azzura Rosso IGT Puglia

Tombacco Azzura Rosso IGT Puglia

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Deep ruby red, with elegant garnet hues. this wine has very fine, intense and persistent well-marked aromas, with an ample bouquet that ranges from fruity notes, especially the morello cherry and blackberry, to the fresh spicy notes typical of southern wines, such as rosemary and pepper, with a closure of tertiary or ageing scents where chocolate and light vanilla reign. At first it presents as robust thanks to the passage in barrique, but at the same time enveloping and warm for its 16 °. The tannin, attenuated by the presence of alcohol and glycerine is felt but it's veiled. The final notes are full and round. Excellent aftertaste with hints of morello cherry and plum.

80-90% Primitivo - 5-20% Negromaro

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