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Staglin Family Cabernet Sauvignon Rutherford Estate 2019

Staglin Family Cabernet Sauvignon Rutherford Estate 2019

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The beautifully sculpted 2019 Staglin Cabernet plays out like a well-written thriller, full of brilliant dialogue between its dramatic dark fruit, fine tannins, alluring resins and focused acidity. After building masterfully to a pinnacle of sun-ripened fig, lively boysenberry, and hints of cedar, these flavors recede to reveal traces of lavender imbued Dutch cocoa and rosebud tea swirling gracefully around a resolute, savory core. The wine sustains its textural finish through an ever-evolving cast of subtle, earth driven notes until softly releasing from the palate. Lovely and refined at this early glimpse, all indications promise an age-worthy representation of the phenomenal vintage. Sure to become a classic.

Farming Practice: Organic

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