Mas de Janiny "C'est Bien Comme Ca!" Rouge 2020

Mas de Janiny "C'est Bien Comme Ca!" Rouge 2020

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Since 1989, Thierry and Pascal Julien have been farming their 260 acres family estate naturally. It is with the highest respect of mother nature and the least amount of intervention in their cellar that they bring us “C’est Bien Comme Ca”, “It’s good just like this”; simple, nature’s shortest path from the vines to the bottle.

This wine is gourmand, well-structured, very pure, and fruity. The palate is round with juicy and candled dark fruit aromas and very soft tannins. An easy drinking red wine that will complement a range of meals nicely. Serve at 58 degrees.

60% Syrah, 40% Carignan. 

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